Sometimes a group class setting just doesn't cut the cake and let's be honest... you totally came for the cake! What gives?! 

Maybe you are recovering from an injury.
Or worse, your practice seems to be causing you one! Ugh.
Want to nail that arm balance you've had your eye on?
Or maybe you just don't like groups larger than 3. (Except for your cats. They get you...)

[Enter stage left]  Private Yoga - where you can have your cake*, and eat it too.

Private sessions are as unique as you are - each session is tailored to your personal needs and desires, through a sustainable, creative, whole body experience.

What You Get

  • free consultation; discuss your goals and any injuries or limitations you may have
  • movement assessment; to evaluate current mobility and movement patterns
  • practice embodiment and build resilience in 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions
  • learn about your anatomy and biomechanics; to incorporate this into your daily life
  • one-on-one hands on support; attention to details that isn't available in a group class

As an affiliate Applied Psychology for Yogis teacher, and life coach, I've explored the profound healing that can occur emotionally, as well as physically, through Yoga. Yoga runs deeper than the poses we take, but the body is the entry point. This can be navigated more fully in a one-on-one basis, just as it was traditionally passed on from teacher to student.

I have a deep love for this kind of process, which makes my private offerings my best work.

Rate - $80/hour
Book a 6 session package and save $40!  

*The cake is metaphorical.

Looking to go deeper than the physical layers? 
Ask about a combined yoga/coaching package!  Other embodiment teachings and processes can be included here which provide a rich and balanced practice for daily living.

Yoga for Athletic Teams

As a long time athlete and soccer coach, I can personally attest to the ways Yoga has benefited both my mental and physical game. You acquire more trust in your body's abilities as you grow stronger and more agile. I teach a style of Yoga that is ideal for athletes; targeting the weak places in the body, and utilizing antagonist muscle theory, you will gain flexibility through strength.

Classes will also be designed to target the mental side of sports, which in many cases can be the toughest side of the game. Yoga is a powerful tool to reclaiming the mind, bringing focus to the present moment and task at hand. Teams that regularly practice Yoga together forge a stronger link among them; it is just as much a community practice as it is a personal journey. An excellent bonding experience!

Please contact me for rate information.