Boundaries Workshop
9:30 AM09:30

Boundaries Workshop

“Nothing is sustainable without boundaries.” —Brené Brown

When was the last time you explored your personal boundaries? Do you ever have a hard time saying no, even when you really want or need to? Are you able to respect other people’s boundaries?

This workshop brings together Yoga asana, anatomy, and a dash of philosophy to dive into what boundaries mean within yourself.

We will deconstruct movements and explore range of motion for you to discover in your own body how knowing and respecting your boundaries is not limiting, as it may initially seem, but actually allows for more expansion.

Find out how boundaries are the key to self-love and compassion in your body, as well as in your life and relationships.


— EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Sign up by November 15 for $30 —

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to Mar 14


Join me every week on Thursday mornings!

Wake up with a movement experience that explores the connections and detours of the body, mind, and heart. This sustainable, strength based practice combines books smarts and self discovery, which builds awareness, creativity, and courage.

Classes are full of variety, and accessible for all levels.

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Sustainable Shoulders Yoga Anatomy Workshop
9:00 AM09:00

Sustainable Shoulders Yoga Anatomy Workshop

We often show up on our mat dealing with injuries or pain; sometimes even caused by the practice itself. Yikes!

Yoga can tend to be hard on upper bodies; this workshop will arm you with knowledge on the complexities of the shoulder joint which will allow you to make better, stronger, choices in your movement practices.

What you will learn:

  • anatomy & biomechanics of the shoulder
  • the link between shoulders & wrist pain
  • what muscle tension is really trying to tell you
  • pros & cons of alignment
  • pitfalls in common yoga poses
  • tip & tricks you can take into any class

After an interactive lecture, we will integrate your new knowledge on the mat in a 80 min shoulder focused sequence; bringing functional movement and mindfulness together so you can practice with strong and safe shoulders for a sustainable practice in the years to come!



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21 day Sadhana - Donation-based Online Classes
to Jun 21

21 day Sadhana - Donation-based Online Classes

Okay ladies and gents - online classes are finally here! 

To kick off this online adventure we will be doing a 21 Day Sadhana.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that translates roughly to “a means of accomplishing something”; it’s a discipline or dedicated practice which allows you to connect with yourself each day.  We will be doing this through Yoga. 


- Classes will be posted my Facebook page daily starting JUNE 4 for 21 days. 

- Each class will be around 45 - 60 mins

- You will get intimately connected to your breath, and learn how to use it as your best self-regulating tool

- You will play within the layers of the body, so you can get a better understanding and clarity around your sense of self

These classes are donation based on and with purpose — since these classes will be posted on YouTube, there is nothing to sign up for and are free for anyone to watch. I’m taking donations for two reasons -

One, so I have the means to be able to continue sharing my practice this way in the hopes that it adds value to others as it has for me. But also, I want it to be affordable and accessible so that this becomes an exchange of energy and sharing rather than a business transaction.

Two, I want to help support others that are doing good work in the world. 15% of the proceeds for these online classes will go to support some kick ass non-profits in the world. For this Sadhana I have chosen to give to Charity Water. They are an awesome organization that has helped over 8 million people get clean drinking water! So incredibly important - water is life. To learn more about their continued efforts, or donate directly, you can visit here.

My hopes for this online journey is about connection. Connection to yourself each day, learning something about yourself, and then putting that something to work for you. That kind of work fosters deeper connection to others and this planet we all share. 

I hope you’ll join me and please share with anyone else that may find some value in the practice.

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