“What I found even more profound were the layers I peeled away & opened up in myself.”

I see the obvious change in muscles building and structure from doing this type of yoga consistently. What I found even more profound were the layers I peeled away and opened up in myself. I was able to identify my feelings in the moment and really release some of my blockages. One of the biggest "aha" moments for me was being asked to not vacate in a pose. This practice helped me be more vulnerable with myself. Also, Nicole's kindness and overall beauty as a person was a delight to come to every day. Thank you!

— Melissa G. Boise, Idaho

“Playful, curious, mindful, & connected. Plus, hilarious!”

Over the past 10 years I have worked with many different modalities to correct my body after a car accident, then two babies, and of course my posture and movements of daily living.  In February of 2018, I went to one of Nicole's yoga classes and really enjoyed the anatomical knowledge she brought to the class! I was so impressed, I ate up 2 of her workshops, enjoyed a healing Reiki experience, and booked a private yoga session so that we could work with the exact anatomy of my body. She has forever enriched how I practice yoga and life. 
Nicole is playful, curious, mindful, and connected. Plus hilarious! May you be blessed with the opportunity for Nicole's guidance on your yoga & wellness journey.

— Colette B.  Hoi An, Vietnam

Nothing has made me as strong as Nicole's 6am class!

— Jesse B. Boise, Idaho


“She holds space with authority, while gently & intuitively pushing you when you need it most.”

Nicole's profound grasp of the parts that make us - the physical, the spiritual, and the mental - shines through in her teaching. She holds the space with authority, while gently and intuitively pushing you when you need it most. She has found the magical balance between explaining a posture with her deep knowledge of anatomy, while also touching into and lovingly exposing the shadows we all have that keep us from reaching our full potential. I felt completely safe and seen in her classes. Nicole is a shining gem, and everyone should  have the privilege of learning from her, or receiving Reiki from her.

— Rebecca F.  Ao Nang, Thailand

“Nicole has a very warm energy.”

This was my first time experiencing Reiki and I really enjoyed it. I rarely take the time to relax and open up to energy like that and it was a very positive experience. Nicole has a very warm energy, and it was easy to relax. I was amazed to feel energy even when she wasn't touching me; there were strong sensations and even some visions as the session progressed. It was also interesting afterwards to talk with her and have her reflect that she had some similar feeling and thoughts that I had experienced during the session. I really enjoyed my session and would definitely do it again.

— Justin M.  Asheville, North Carolina


“The best anatomy teacher! Teaches not through just theory, but through movement, palpating, and feeling.”

To say it directly, Nicole is, for me, the best anatomy teacher I can image. She doesn't teach you the anatomical body and biomechanic processes through just theory, but through movement, palpating, feeling, and imagining your own body. That for me the best way to learn about my body, getting in touch with it and feeling it. My biggest personal problem has always been not listening to it; pushing it to it's limits. With the combination of yoga and her amazing anatomy lessons I could really get closer with myself on an emotional base and an anatomical base.

— Annalisa B. Italy