You are fine & everything is okay

No, this is not my newest buzzphrase, slogan, or tag line. This is not a mantra. This is not what I tell myself when big feelings come up that I don’t want to deal with. These simple words are not words I use without care. 

They are part of my core beliefs. 

They certainly didn’t used to be... In fact the first one, ‘you are fine’, still finds itself battling with one of my underlying beliefs of ‘not enough’; but each time it gains more and more traction as it whittles away the not enoughness. Your core beliefs help shape your perception; examining your beliefs and where they came from can be a bit rattling, but also freeing.

You are fine. 

More than fine, really. And I do mean fine in every sense of the word - high grade, choice, excellent, admirable, consisting of minute particles, sharp, delicate, skilled, and remarkably good-looking.  You may not be all of these things all the time, or in all areas of life, but you are these things. You are a perfectly fine expression of you. 

You may want to improve in certain areas. That’s fine too. You may find certain things challenging. That’s fine too. You may feel differently than others about certain things. That’s fine too. You are fine. You are fine exactly how you are now, and you are fine however you will be next year, and always - no matter what. 

& everything is okay. 

Yes, everything. These labels of good and bad have skewed our view of how life flows. There’s a natural rhythm to life; like the way seasons change, or how a seemingly devastating forest fire burns up old wood, while the heat germinates new seedlings growth and the ashes add nutrients to the soil.  

Things may not feel okay in the moment, but actually they are okay. Even if we grasp this concept, it still may not feel okay, and that’s okay too. However you feel is okay, and however other people feel is okay. You may find yourself in a situation, and choose to adjust course. That’s okay too. Things ebb and flow; so whether you eddy out, or flow right on past without a care - that’s okay too. 

In spite of and because of these things, you are fine and everything is okay. Remember, this is not a mantra. This is not something you say because you feel stuck and want to feel better about it. You have to believe it, feel it to your core... only then can it empower you. 

You are fine. Everything is okay.