Three Things - loving, trying, leaving

So. For the sake of giving credit where credit is due -  I’m totally stealing this idea from someone else. & the horrible part it’s that I can’t remember who I’m stealing it from. Fail. A couple years ago I came across a post of a woman talking about 3 things. Something she was currently loving, trying, and leaving. I loved it! Since then, this is something I do often in my personal writing. If what we focus on expands, then what could be a better writing exercise than this? Focusing on what you are loving, remembering what you’re trying/working on, and giving yourself permission to leave behind what you don’t want to grow! So I’m sharing mine for May & maybe you’ll like the idea and come up with your own 3 things. 


My roommates and I are in the final days of Whole30. This is my 3rd Whole30 so its not necessarily a new concept for me; however, living out of a backpack for 13 months straight while visiting 18 new countries worth of food options (YUM!!) - well let’s just say it isn’t the best for one’s nutritional health... My body was craving a reset, and boy has it responded well to it!

Nutrition is something I’ve been interested in for a very long time. It’s also one of those subjects that has conflicting information overload everywhere. It can drive a person mad trying to keep up with what’s healthy and what’s not this week. What I love about Whole30, besides feeling awesome, is the investigative approach to reintroducing the foods you’ve cut out for the 30 days. Personally, I’ve found that proper nutrition is about as straight forward as proper movement. It depends.  There’s many factors involved that vary from person to person, that could completely change what an individuals needs are from day to day.  With Whole30, you have to tune into your own body’s wisdom; you put your nutrition to practice. You actually experience it in real time.  I LOVE that. 


This month I’m finally putting together some online classes. It’s been a long time coming, but my dislike of having a camera in my face, and the vulnerability of the interwebs has postponed this online adventure many times.  I’m not promising that they’ll continue forever, but I’m sure going to give it a good crack! & hey - they go live June 1st! You can get the details here.  :) 


 I’m leaving the belief that everything has to be ready and/or perfect before I can start/launch it. Perfectionism is an old learned habit of mine that I’ve worked with releasing before. But here’s the thing about old habits... they run deep. And if you don’t continue practicing the new pathways in your brain then you will eventually revert back to the most used method. 

For me, perfectionism hasn’t been wrapped in my daily life for some time now, which is great but I then got lazy about watching for it in my life. But in the past few months while trying some new things, or getting into bigger picture projects, I’ve now noticed that this old habit of perfectionism has stunted my forward movement. Which inevitably defaults me to another old habit of mine - procrastination. 

Perfectionism forces you to eddy out; the flow of inspiration gets stalled and self doubt lingers in the shadows of those little swirly places... It is a magic and creativity killer.  Besides, nothing is ever really “done”, is it? So could you actually perfect it properly anyway?   It’s time to leave it behind and trust the process to unfold naturally and grow naturally.

Your turn - What 3 things are you loving, trying, and leaving? 

In humaness with you... 💜