An Experiment for Lightness and Space

Lightness. Space. Movement. Ease. 

While these concepts sound simple enough, it seems living them can be downright impossible at times. Why is that? I often give an experience of this in class by using my favorite prop - a block. In fact, you can do this with me right now. 

Grab a block; if you don't have a block then just visualize one in your hands. As you hold your block between your hands, close your eyes and breathe deep into your belly. Let your mind bring up challenges you're facing, or avoiding. When one pops up in your mind, place that thought into the block. Watch yourself move it from your mind and into the block; feel it. Allow each challenge to come up, and then place it in the block. Notice how with each thought, the block gets heavier. Keep going until all of your challenges are held inside of your block. How your body feels as you move them from yourself, to your block? Can you feel the weight in the block that you carry everyday? 

The reason the block gets heavier is because our thoughts are energy. Energy likes to move; when it doesn't move out, it moves deeper in. The degrading self criticisms, the hard conversations you are avoiding, the crap food you ate when you were stressed, the over analyzing of what so-n-so must be thinking of you; imagine what your body, and mind, would feel like without them. Lighter.

The actions needed to clean up these heavy places requires focus and discipline. You resist. Its easier to deal with what you already feel currently because its familiar; it feels safer to live in the house you've built, than it does to tear that house down. But aren't you tired of dusting the same cobwebs out of the same corners? and honestly how long did it take before those new curtains stopped feeling new again? 

It's time to knock down some walls. Cleaning your mind, body, and spaces is a must for healthy living. It makes room for your creative spark to ignite! & yes, you do have a creative spark; everyone does. Yours might just be buried under the stack of obligations and expectations you chose to live under. 

"Deep living is dirty, sweaty, gorgeous work. We will accumulate things, but your soul wants to be mobile - unencumbered - in touch with all the parts of your life." - Danielle LaPorte

In other words, your soul wants to be free. flowing. light...  
When you make room to move and stretch, you grow. When you grow, creative energy keeps flowing. This is where ease comes from. Ease allows you to engage with life; it allows embodiment. I don't know about you, but embodiment is exactly what I'm after. Real, raw, full, loving, embodiment of my deepest self.

in humanness with you,