Make Love of Yourself Perfect

"like a caring mother holding and guarding the life of her only child, so with a boundless heart hold yourself and all beings."


I'm currently reading a book titled Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to rush over to amazon and buy this book right now because it is completely life changing! After all, I'm only on chapter 2... ;)

However, it has already got me thinking a lot about how I treat myself. Not just now, but over the course of my life. Of course, I have thought about this a hundred times before now; I am a huge advocate and promoter of self love. But it's invited me to dig into the subject a bit more again.

How well do I love myself each day? On the days that I'm not superwoman, how often do I cut myself some slack? How often do I stretch myself too thin for the sake of someone else? Do I allow myself to be open enough to feel comfortable to just be me? Do I put myself in situations where I feel safe, with people that really see me? Do I truly know that I am enough, or is it just an affirmation I keep telling myself in hopes that I will one day believe it? These are some things I've been exploring in my life. Great, why am I telling you this?

Two reasons...

One. I want you to start exploring these things in your life. Even if you think you love yourself to the moon and back. Break it down. Ask yourself some simple, straightforward questions and be clear about your answers. Do it. You may surprise yourself. I mean, I thought that I loved myself to the moon and back, and unfortunately not all of my actions were reflecting that back to me. Now I get to choose to change that.

Two. Yoga. Particularly in my classroom, but I can only hope this would stand for any yoga class you choose to attend. There are a few things I want you know, and carry with you as you practice with or without me.

-You are welcome in my class; seriously, I couldn't be more pleased that you are here. it doesn't matter if you've never practiced yoga, or you're on class number 8,362! If you are injured or as strong as you've ever been. If you are heart broken, or angry, or just had the best damn day of your whole life! You are welcome in my class.

-You can be yourself. There's no societal norms or prerequisites you need to meet in order to do yoga, or be a yogi; you can just be you.

-You are worthy. You are worth the extra two breathes that the class held a pose so that I could finish your adjustment. You are worthy of your deepest desires. You are worthy even if the only thing you did today was get out of bed for yoga class. Hell, you are worthy if you didn't go to yoga class, or get out of bed! You are worthy and okay just as you are.

This is a safe space to explore the depths of your practice. to really feel it. to explore yourself, and your spirit. explore your patterns. your emotions and express the things you are finding there. You can cry if you want. You can fall over. You can get back up. This is a safe space.
You are enough. This practice is not about becoming more than you are, it's about embodying who already are! Don't forget that.

I am honored to share my practice with you. I don't take it lightly that you allow me to hold space for you during that hour or so that I'm in front of you. Thank you for being part of my journey, and allowing me to be apart of yours. 

You are supported. You are loved. I see you.

with so much love,