what people are saying...

"She has forever enriched how I practice yoga & life"

"Profound style"

"The most fun I've had in yoga!"

"Playful, curious, mindful, & connected"

"Tough loving & supportive"

"A delight!"

"Knowledge meets intuition"

a story about a girl that fell in love with humanness and all that entails...

Modern Yoga... what the hell does that even mean?!

Well... modern Yoga is keeping the tradition of Yoga alive and relevant, and with any luck at all, not sacrificing its wisdom. It means questioning the purpose of how and why we do things; it means having the practice work for you and with you, instead of against you. Why? Because life and our collective knowledge has changed and grown considerably in the last few hundred years.  So, I don't necessarily teach "traditional" asana, the poses, all the time.

What I do teach is functional movement combined with mindfulness; it's full of book smarts, intuition, and humor.  It's creative. It's sustainable. It's inclusive. It's compelling. At times it's irreverent. And I would wager that your body, heart, and mind will be tickled pink!

I've made it my job to teach you to become a student of your body. As a self-proclaimed anatomy geek, I have spent the majority of my life learning the functions of the human body through studies and several movement modalities, such as, dancing, sports, yoga, and weight training. This, combined with my work as a Reiki Master and an affiliated teacher of Applied Psychology for Yogis, has given me numerous tools to make the balance of body, heart, and mind more accessible.

Because when you feel better in your body, heart, and mind you have more energy to put into building a life you love!


certifications & influences

200 YTT; 2013
Advanced TT: Teaching Methodology, Adjustments; & Cues; 2013
Advanced TT: Fascia, Muscle Facilitation, Prenatal Yoga; 2014
Applied Psychology for Yogis; 2014 - 2016
Robbins-Madanes Coaching Training; 2015
Yoga Tune Up® Integrated Anatomy; 2015
Yoga Tune Up® Level 1; 2015
The Roll Model® Method; 2016
Desire Map Facilitator; 2016
Reiki Master; 2018

"It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity."