Sunday Sequence – Twists & Flight

Twists have been feeling really REALLY good to me lately. My spine seems to love them as I search for more space and length in each twist I do. And with the last several months of very grounding practices, I was ready to play around with some different flight options today. I approached this with a very playful attitude, and let the practice just take me to the next pose.  Play!

I hope you enjoy this twisty flying kind of day.  5-8 full breaths per pose. Take the time to find space in each twist and length as you fly.


shoelace series
-kapalbhati (1 round of 100 each side)
-forward fold
-twist toward top foot

dolphin prelude on blocks

psoabs (4 each side – alternating)
abs over a block (10 – slow, full breaths)
dolphin on the wall (10 breaths)

suns C (4 rounds)

chair > forward fold > chair w/ twists > forward fold > monkey > plank > cobra > down dog

warrior 1 w/ goddess arms > twisting warrior 1 > warrior 3 > warrior 1 with archer arms > plank > cobra > down dog > other side

inch worm (10 rounds – wear socks or use a blanket under the feet)

from down dog > forward fold > uddiyana (3 rounds – either in forward fold or upright) > malasana > twisting malasana (to both sides – you can bind here if you want) > forward fold

chair > half chair > flying pigeon > other side

forward fold > plank > cobra > down dog > warrior 2 > extended warrior > warrior interlock > easy twisting high lunge > plank > cobra > down dog > other side

from down dog > forward fold > chair > stand > wide legged forward > side crow (both sides)

pigeon > twisting pigeon (both sides)

move to your back
happy baby > half happy baby


“you always have what you need. not always what you think you need.” – Byron Katie

with so much love…. namaste.

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