Sunday Sequence – Spine Love

In case you haven’t heard, today is Super Bowl Sunday. So, happy American footballing to you! 😉

Another fun fact for you… Don’t tell anyone, but I am notorious for going easy on myself during my home practices the majority of the time. I’ll spare you my reasoning, that will most likely sound more like excuses, and just tell you that this past week was not part of my majority as far as home practices go. I really kicked it up a notch or two this week. Consistently. Needless to say, boy oh boy was I feeling it by the weekend! Almost to the point that I was slightly abashed by the whole thing. I could feel every muscle from my hips to my head, all along my spine, and every single movement that my spine wanted to make was a not so gentle reminder that I had finally challenged myself this week. Don’t get me wrong, I was loving every minute of it. However I knew come tomorrow, if I was still feeling that way, there would be no way that I could sit at my desk for 8 hours. And so this lovely side bendy, spinal twisty, neck relaxy sequence was born…. I can vouch for the fact that it works, because all of my hurt so good sensations have retreated until next time.  Enjoy!

This may be shorter than my usual sequences because I had a football game to get to… 5 to 8 deep breathes on each side.

Quiet your thoughts, and find your breath for about 5 mins. Play with moving your breath deep into your pelvic floor and then stretching it all along your spine into your collar bones and neck.

Legs in Badda Konasana
– 100 rounds of Kapalbhati
– side bend
– side bend with neck release

Dolphin Prelude on Blocks
Dolphin w/ leg lifts

Abs over a Block (12 or two sets of 8)
Uddiyana on your back (3 rounds)

Suns C (4 rounds)

Chest opener on the wall – legs in warrior 1 or high lunge
Twisting chair on the wall

Cobra Push Ups  (10, or two sets of 6)

Downdog > Warrior 2 > Eagle Arms > Reverse Warrior > Triangle > Twisting Triangle > Plank > Cobra > Downdog

Surfer Stretch

Camel on the Wall – Mini back bend. Ribs don’t leave the wall today.
Child’s pose > add side stretch

Back Release Pose (aka Active Pigeon on the back)
Laying Spinal Twist


As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Here’s to a happy spine!


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