About me

Hello! I’d hug you, but there’s a screen between us… 

tough loving teacher – empowering & supportive

or at least that’s what they tell me…
I’m going to skip the part where I talk in the 3rd person, because, well, it’s my website and writing about myself like I’m not me is making my brain hurt.

I’ve been an athlete since childhood, exposed to many modalities of movement practices, including: dancing, soccer, weight lifting, and various other activities where I learned about how the body moves and works. The human body has fascinated me since the first time I watched my scraped up elbow turn into a scar from falling off my bike after my training wheels were removed. That fascination is what guided my studies and the understanding that we are designed for self-healing; which is perhaps why I fell in love with Yoga. It’s changed my relationship with my body; my practice and teachings are grounded in embodiment.

During the first yoga workshop that I attended, the teacher asked me, “why are you using your neck to lift your legs?” ….. cue the crickets. I had no idea why I was doing that; it doesn’t make much sense, does it? That was in 2010, and since that moment I have been on a mission to discover my holding patterns, and unravel the mysteries that tie them up. Yoga has offered me a powerful way to shine light on the things held inside my body – sometimes both scary and inciting. Yoga offers tools needed to heal and expand, which is what drove me to start teaching a few years later.

Knowing that the hunt for our holding patterns can sometimes be elusive and the gumption it takes to reconstruct them can feel intimidating at times, I strive to teach in a clean and clear way. I invite two-way communication in my classroom. I love to share the insights from my personal practice, and I want my students to get curious about their own insights, too. I have been told I’m a “tough loving” kind of teacher; it’s my desire to empower my students and support them along their way. My classes can be both physically and mentally challenging; it provides a rich juncture to learn about yourself, and rewire the patterns that keep you stuck. The level of awareness that gets developed by this work is where the fruition of mind, body, and spirit connection comes alive. This offers new perspectives, along with the strength and flexibility to build the life you want.

I also love working one-on-one with practitioners that want more from their practice, or are in need of modifications. If this interests you, see the private yoga section for more information.

certifications, influences, and thank you’s

200 hr; completed 2013
500 hr; in progress
Yoga Tune Up®; completed 2015
Desire Map Facilitator; completed 2016

I am able to teach because I am a student first. I have great respect for all of the trainings I have been a part of, and the teachers that have given me invaluable gifts. They have shaped me not only as a teacher, but as a person. I would like to take a moment to thank them for their guidance and support: Steve Emmerman, Talya Ring, Shannon Wells-Femenia, Livia Cohen-Shapiro, & Jill Miller. I also draw inspiration from my studies of don Miguel Ruiz, Brené Brown, Katy Bowman, Tony Robbins, and Caroline Myss, who have significantly impacted my teaching.

fun facts

I’m a quote collector; I especially love Dr. Seuss.

My daily vitamin is dark chocolate.

I’m a sports girl; soccer is my game of choice.

My favorite color changes as often as the weather.

I’m a book lover; I may have a slight Harry Potter addiction.

really enjoy jumping on my bed, but don’t tell my mom.

“I see the obvious physical change in muscles building and structure from doing this type of yoga consistently. What I found even more profound were the layers I peeled away and opened up in myself. I was able to identify my feelings in the moment and really release some of my blockages. One of the biggest “aha” moments for me was being asked to not vacate in a pose. To then identify what feeling I am feeling and put a name to it. I think so many times I have not wanted to identify some of those feelings and this practice helped me be more vulnerable with myself. The consistent practice helped me connect my mind and body more quickly when I do yoga. It is familiar now. Also, your kindness and overall beauty as a person was a delight to come to everyday. Thank you!” — Melissa G